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Poplar face frame size is 1-3/8″ and comes with a 5/16″ wide groove.
Quick & Important Measuring Tips


Measure the entirety of your panel in multiple spots along the width and height.  Regardless of what is surrounding the panel (zinc, lead, foil, etc.) include this as you measure.  Use the largest measurements (in inches).

Enter your dimensions (in fractions as needed) below.



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Our Poplar wood is machine tooled into one face frame size at 1-3/8″.   Simply give us the measurements of your panel and we cut your frame to size.  The result is a miter cut frame, properly sized, easy to finish and assemble.
Included with your custom frame:

Poplar dimensions

  • Four pieces of sanded frame stock with mitered corners.
  • Pre-drilled and countersunk screw holes.
  • Four tempered Phillips head screws and wood plugs for the screw holes.


Characteristics of poplar are:

  • Accepts paint well.
  • Pale blond to grayish white with green, brown, and dark purple streaks.
  • Color darkens with time.
  • Not recommended for staining.




We cut your frame to fit your glass panel, adding a 1/16″ play to the lengths. (If you wish for the measurements to be the outside dimension of the frame please let us know in the notes at check-out or contact us.)

Order with confidence!  3 Measuring Tips and Easy Assembly

Connect to Hanging Hardware and Corner Brackets.



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