Corner Brackets


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Corner Brackets® come 4 to a pack.

  • Sanded and pre-drilled in either oak or walnut.
  • Eight brass screws are included.
  • Corner Brackets only fit the 1 3/8″ framing stock.

Applying the Corner Brackets to your frame:

You will need: Drill, 5/64″ Drill Bit, Wood Glue, Phillips Head Screw Driver.

  • Once your frame is assembled, apply wood glue inside your Corner Brackets and attach to each corner.  Let the glue set up.
  • Next, drill a  5/64″ pilot hole into your frame through the pre-drilled screw holes that come in the Corner Brackets.
  • Screw in the brass screws that are included with the Corner Brackets.  Note: For ease in installing the screws, run the threads over a bar of soap or wax.  For easy hanging, try our  Brass Chain Hooks or Steel Chain Hooks.