Custom Light Box Frame



If you don’t want to hang your glass inside a window, try our custom light boxes.  They can be hung on any wall in the house and be lit from the inside.  Our light boxes are made of solid Red Oak and come with all the parts you need for easy assembly.

Light boxes are open in the back.  If you would like to have a back piece on your box, there is an extra cost.   We can either drill a hole in the bottom piece to run you light wires out or cut a half circle at the back of the bottom piece to sit flush against the wall.  We make our boxes a standard 4″ deep, but custom changes can be made. The face of the box is 3/4″. Light boxes are unfinished, but can be finished for an extra charge.

All boxes are custom made to fit the size of your panel.  A second groove is cut inside to hold a piece of 1/8″ diffuser glass or plexiglass.

Comes with assembly screws and back mount hangers.  Light kit not included.

Box pricing starts around $55