Custom Framing Service

Available in both finished and unfinished

Having a professional frame for your panel doesn't have to be a problem. Northern Hardwood Frames is the largest manufacturer of custom frames for stained glass. This is a normal operation for us and we happily do custom orders. You simply give us the size of your glass and we cut your frame to size with the wood you want.

Helpful tips when measuring: Please make sure you measure your glass in multiple spots along the width and height, especially in older windows. They might not be completely square. Double check the thickness of your edge lead or glass. Sometimes solder can build up and be thicker than the standard 1/8" or 1/4". If it is, the groove may need to be modified.

We hand select the wood so each piece is grain matched. All corners are miter cut and screw holes are pre-drilled and countersunk. Assembly is easy using the special tempered screws provided, along with the wood screw hole buttons. The result is a miter cut frame of matched grain, properly sized, easy to finish and assemble.

All frames come unfinished and prep sanded, ready for you to add your own finish or stain. If you would like to add a stain of finish, see our pricing below.

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1" Oak  


  1-3/8" Oak



2" Oak

1" Ash

1" Poplar

1-3/8" Ash



1-3/8" Poplar




1-3/8" Walnut

2"Domestic HW

Under 25" $41.47 $45.21 $51.31 $53.53 $67.52 $68.53
25-30" $45.31 $50.83 $58.22 $59.18 $69.89 $73.15
31-36" $49.27 $56.08 $65.05 $64.55 $74.50 $83.26
37-42" $53.90 $61.66 $71.86 $73.92 $79.80 $93.29
43-48" $56.87 $67.09 $78.94 $80.29 $86.05 $103.40
49-54" $60.68 $72.70 $85.75 $87.95 $92.12 $113.41
55-60" $64.51 $78.25 $92.54 $93.60 $98.57 $123.65
61-66" $69.82 $83.68 $96.50 $97.09 $104.13 $133.64
67-72" $72.00 $89.28 $99.63 $100.58 $105.42 $143.77
73-78" $75.80 $94.58 $113.23 $114.53 $119.58 $153.76
79-84" $79.91 $101.67 $119.18 $120.49 $128.61 $163.89
85-90" $83.28 $107.09 $125.11 $126.99 $135.03 $174.06
91-96" $85.46 $112.69 $133.91 $134.80 $142.77 $184.03

Directions for finding your price:

  1. Round up the sizes of the width and height to the next full inch,
  2. Add them together. Refer to the left column of the table, then find the type of wood you want.

Glass panel is 20-1/2" x 24-3/16"
Round up to 21 x 25, and add them together = 46
Use this number to determine your price.

Please note: If you wish the measurements to be the outside dimension of the frame, let us know.

  • We will always cut your frame to fit your panel size unless notified otherwise.
  • We use our standard Leaded Glass Groove (5/16”) unless you tell us you need Copper Foil/Etched Glass Groove (3/16”).

Modified groove depth or width, add $10 to first frame, $5 each additional for the same cut.

Putting on dark stain or painting it? Ask for Mineral Streaked Oak wood and deduct 20%.
If you are painting, Poplar is also a nice option if you do not want to see any grain.


Clear natural oil top-coat $1.50/lineal foot, Stain plus clear poly top-coat $1.75/lineal foot

If you have a very small piece you want framed, check out our Small Frame Specials for 1" and 1-3/8" frames, or 2" frames.

Other woods available upon request:

Ash, Birch, Poplar, Hickory, and Beech.
Check the Wood Species Page for more details about the various woods we carry.

Domestic woods are species found in the US: Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Ash, Poplar, Birch, Hickory, and Beech.

I no longer offer any exotic hardwood species.


Easy Assembly Instructions:

When assembling your frame, first line up and glue bottom two corners.  Let the glue set up and then clamp the corners for extra support, then fasten the screws into the countersink holes. Note: For ease in turning the screws into the holes, run the threads over a bar of soap or wax. Now, attach the top piece. Clamp down the corner for support, and place the countersink corner about 1/16" over lip of pilot hole corner.  When screw is fastened, this allows the corners to pull in and become flush.  When the corners match up, stop tightening the screw. Check out your work and Whoa-la!

If using our Chain Hooks, I suggest installing them before you put your frame together for easier installation.

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